Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Apprentits - Season Finale - Part 2

Bimbo Hall of Shame – Everyone

And there it is, finally...after almost three months, The Apprentits 2015 is finished. Obvious the ending is pretty open and there will be further arcs to the story, though I will probably wait until after my vacation in May to give the ideas plenty of time to develop. I had a lot of fun writing The Apprentits but it was tough going at times and episodes generally took four or five times as long as a normal caption to write. Now that the series is done, I will have more time to catch up with some of my others that I have neglected a little as well as to introduce a few new characters I have been keeping in storage. I would like to thank:

TGXD, leila-stoat, Elena Starz, cryptzoology, Ian, pantieslover, Mickie0904, LukeLangton, Alixtg, oathkeeperxxx2012, Simplyyours

...for all their help with character and story ideas as without their help this series wouldn't have been possible.

Zoli x


  1. Loved this seris thanks for all the hard work you put in. quite a twist at the end.


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