Thursday, 11 December 2014

Aiko's Facebook Profile

I know I don't usually blog with my captions, generally I vastly prefer writing them or commenting on other people's caps, but feel like I should explain this one because I feel a little guilty. Not guilty because I'm not happy with it but rather because it's not really a tg caption at all. So what is it? Well, instead of just writing stand-alone captions and mini-series day after day until I eventually run of ideas, I've been looking to establish some recurring antagonists that will keep popping up here and there and hopefully help me build on my existing ideas. Think B-Rex's 'Midnight Surgeon' or Elena Starz's 'Bimbo inc.'

I decided to introduce each of these characters with a mini-caption so make them feel a bit more concrete. All of them at least somewhat inspired by one of my favourite captioners. Aiko is the first to be introduced  and was inspired by Jenny Valentine's amazing caps. 'The Network behind Spot that Sissy and Make Up or Fake Up will be introduced soon and is a bit of a tribute to B-Rex's fantastic work. I also have character's coming soon inspired by Leila Stoat and Alixtg. I would love one based off Elena Starz's wonderful ideas but so far I'm coming up empty. Maybe her next caption competition will inspire me.

As for running out of ideas...don't worry it's not happening any time soon. I currently have 25+ finished caps ready to go and almost 40 unfinished ones. I really hope you're enjoying them so far and don't be afraid to say hi once in a while.

Zoli x


  1. Considering the quality of the captioners you are inspired by and the talent you have shown captioning, I am very excited to see what you come up with! Your work has been so excellent in so many different styles of captions that I think whatever you choose to highlight and enhance with a character/theme will become something special.

    Elena Starz

  2. Thank you Elena, you always leave the kindest comments.



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