Thursday, 15 December 2016

End of 2016 and an update for 201

Hello there peoples and peopettes. 2016 is almost done and I for one can't wait for it to be over. For me it has been an awful year filled with stress and anxiety but still I am optimistic about the cowing year.

I would like to apologise for my rather sudden departure and give you an update of what to expect in the near future. Firstly my absence, as stated above, it has been a really tough year so when my da account was suddenly deleted I decided to use it as an excuse to take a break. I am sincerely sorry that there hasn't been any recent captions posted but be sure that a new season will be back soon. I have about 14 new captions ready to go and am just waiting for a few more to be finished before I start posting them. I am unsure whether I will go ahead with the new series of apprentits since so much of that was based around the da community but there will be a couple of new recurring characters I'm very excited about.

As I have posted before, I have been using these past few months to work on a novel that is now all but finished, well, the first draft anyway, and in the near future I will be looking for some volunteers to read it and help me clean it up. It's not tg, it's actually a young adult psychological horror nut nevertheless I'm very excited about it and think you will enjoy it.

Another project that I am keen  to sink my teeth into is to write some tg themed novellas and self publish them online. I will likely make them available on amazon for a small fee as I am looking for ways to kick start my self support as a writer. I would be interested to see how many people would be interested in spending 3 to 5 bucks on a full length fully fleshed out tg story. I dead I'm cutler entry toying with are novella length versions of my Aiko, trigger and mannequeen stories. That's all for now. Miss you. Zoli
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