Thursday, 15 December 2016

End of 2016 and an update for 201

Hello there peoples and peopettes. 2016 is almost done and I for one can't wait for it to be over. For me it has been an awful year filled with stress and anxiety but still I am optimistic about the cowing year.

I would like to apologise for my rather sudden departure and give you an update of what to expect in the near future. Firstly my absence, as stated above, it has been a really tough year so when my da account was suddenly deleted I decided to use it as an excuse to take a break. I am sincerely sorry that there hasn't been any recent captions posted but be sure that a new season will be back soon. I have about 14 new captions ready to go and am just waiting for a few more to be finished before I start posting them. I am unsure whether I will go ahead with the new series of apprentits since so much of that was based around the da community but there will be a couple of new recurring characters I'm very excited about.

As I have posted before, I have been using these past few months to work on a novel that is now all but finished, well, the first draft anyway, and in the near future I will be looking for some volunteers to read it and help me clean it up. It's not tg, it's actually a young adult psychological horror nut nevertheless I'm very excited about it and think you will enjoy it.

Another project that I am keen  to sink my teeth into is to write some tg themed novellas and self publish them online. I will likely make them available on amazon for a small fee as I am looking for ways to kick start my self support as a writer. I would be interested to see how many people would be interested in spending 3 to 5 bucks on a full length fully fleshed out tg story. I dead I'm cutler entry toying with are novella length versions of my Aiko, trigger and mannequeen stories. That's all for now. Miss you. Zoli


  1. Glad you are well! Just as a show of 'hands' I am a regular customer for TG stories bought via Amazon or Smashwords and would all but certainly pay to get my hands on more of your writing... esepecially if any bimboization is thrown in there too... I would throw money at you for some something in that genre with your usual high quality!

  2. well nice to know your not dead :) but take as long as you need your health and family is more important then this but nice to know the novel is going well its not my genre i usually read so i probley wont get it but i hope it does well on the subject of buying TG books youve given so much free contant over the last 2 or so years i will defo throw a few bucks you way especially for more Aiko i for one will look foward to your return and hope you will come back as strong as ever

  3. I followed you from DA to here, after the first suspension. And I too would be glad to buy your full stories from Amazon.

  4. Zoli, it's been a bad year for a lot of us! At least it will be the first Christmas with your new daughter, though she's a bit young to enjoy it yet. Glad to know your novel is progressing; I'd love to volunteer to help you, but I don't think I will. I'd be too afraid of letting you down, agreeing to help and then doing nothing.
    Producing some e-book novellas for sale on Amazon sounds like an excellent idea; I'd certainly be prepared to pay reasonable prices. Aiko, and the Mannequeen - yay! What do you consider novella length? About 100 pages?
    Btw, in spite of your exile from deviant art, your old captions are still getting the faves!
    All best wishes for 2017

  5. I'm soooo glad you're still doing captions. I love them.
    Can you do a flashback to break-in brad?

    Beth x

  6. We miss you zoli!

  7. Fair well... He left us for granted

  8. I hope everything is well for you Zoli. Your captions are some of the best I've read.

  9. Best wishes, hope you are doing well Zoli. I miss the captions, but totally understand. I've been dealing with a lot of real-life issues myself this past year, and am just starting to break out of my rut.

    Anyway, I meant to say this months ago, but kept forgetting to comment here. So better late than never, I guess:

    If you ever need help getting started self-publishing on Amazon or Smashwords, feel free to send me an email and I'll try an help you. There's a lot of little nuances with formatting a document to get it on Smashwords (Amazon is a bit easier), and I've already got of the styles set up in MSWord to make it very quick and easy.

    I can also help with making covers, which are a bit of an art-form in their own right and can make a big difference in whether an ebook gets accepted or kicked out by Amazon (Smashwords doesn't care so much about cover art).

    I don't mind helping people get into self-publishing, and have actually helped a few this past year already.

    As you might expect, you can catch me at my own caption blog, or my ebook blog, and just post a comment anywhere and I'll see it.

    Or if you want to email me directly about an ebook-publishing question you can email my Tabitha Kohls' account:

    Anyway, hope to see new captions from you when you again feel up to it, and hope you do get to publishing some stories. I'm sure they'll be loads of fun. :-)

    - Berserkasaurus Rex, aka Tabitha Kohls


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