Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Future of My Captions

The Way Forward

I'm guessing recently people have at least somewhat noticed a dip in my posting of new captions and today I finally feel comfortable revealing why. Today my wife gave birth to our second child and months of stress and anxiety are finally over. I am over the moon but obviously there are things that need my dedication more than captioning. Now, I'm someone to talk about personal issues so lets focus on what this means for my captioning. I usually try to write a caption everyday but with my extra respousibilities, that just won't be possible and even if it was, there is only one obligation my mind should be focussed on right now. I thought about a few different solutions and didn't like any of them. Posting once a week would still leave with me the kind of obligation tht gives me anxiety and I feel just posting when I can would only lead to me gradually posting less and less, which I totally don't want...

So I propose something else. From today I will be posting in 25 caption 'seasons'. These will only get posted once I have 25 captions finished I am really happy with but I truly believe they will allow me to work on my caps when I can without feeling pressured to do so and I really believe thy will be better as a result. It might mean bigger gaps between my captions but each season will further all my main series; Aiko, Mannequeen, Femnonymous; as well as including standalones and Flashback Fridays/Requests. To reiterate, I'm not stopping capping but I need a little patience st this time. Thank you everyone for your support.


Doll of Mine Part 2 (a guest caption from AsudemLatex)

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