Monday, 9 March 2015

Twins Got Talent Part 3

I know that I'm not a blogger who spends a lot of time actually 'blogging' with my captions, but I felt like sharing something and opening up the floor to anyone who enjoys my captions but is looking for something a little bit more. Recently I joined the fabulous TG captioning community Rachel's Haven, a place thriving with captioners wanting to view and share tens of thousands of caps. In just a week of posting there, I have come to realise that my definition of what a tg/tf caption is seems to be quite narrow and since I want to put out the best work I possibly can, I am inviting anyone who reads my blog to tell me what they would like to see more of in future captions. Whether in the comments or by email is fine, I'm just curious what it is people are craving; more cosplay, magic, hypnosis, longer series, latex or,,,gulp...*shifts eyes side to side*, whatever my caps are missing for you, and I promise I won't sacrifice anything that I'm already doing. Zoli x


  1. I like 'em just the way they are. :P

  2. They look Hot. And a little bit ditzt. No way anyone will find out unless Tracy mess up big time, like standing to pee. That sound can carry.

  3. Don't change a thing. Every blog is unique and has a unique voice. Why would you want to do more things like everyone else does. Just do what you do well.

  4. I love your caption as they are but does not hurt to try new things and experiment have fun and go with it.

  5. The aiko and frilly loli captions are to die for.

  6. Well I know this is a little late, because it's been forever since I've commented here, but wanted to go back and reply! First, I don't think you need to think that your view is "narrow" because A. You hit on a lot of themes B. You do some unique ones yourself and C. No one blog has every TG theme out there so do what you enjoy! That being said, would love to see more bimbo caps (you're soooo good at them!), hypnosis caps (ditto to the prior comment!), and if you want something more unique shemale/drag queen caps are a niche theme I like to see. But do whatever you want - your work is so fantastic that I will read whatever you put out :)

    1. why Elena that is so nice of you to say. You'll be pleased to know Ive been writing a lot of hypnosis caps recently and Ive got a few bimbo ideas but Ill probably leave them til after I finish the Apprentits. I do like some shemale caps but Im not sure I could fit them into my style effectively



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