Sunday, 10 May 2015

COMING SOON: The Mannequeen and The Guru Self-Hypnosis CDs

So I'm back refreshed from vacation and ready to get back to captioning. My proper daily captions will return tomorrow but before then I want to wet your appetite with the teasers I planned to post before my vacation but didn't get chance, sorry about that. These are two new series/antagonists I will be starting as well in addition to a few other ideas I have started working on, including a Flashback Friday which will take a peek at the progress of some of the poor victims of my other captions and how they are holding up six months later., starting with Ralph from 'Raider of the Last Panties' this Friday. Also, I will be continuing all of my other series that I have neglected owing to finishing the Apprentits, including Aiko, Bunnimacher and of course the upcoming Femnonymous vs Network war. I'm a little tired from travelling home so I'll let the previews do the talking...


The Mannequeen

The Guru Self-Hypnosis CDs

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