Saturday, 26 September 2015

Piece of Cake (an Aiko story)

Sadly my computer's clean bill of health has lasted less than two days and it needs to be fixed again. Fortunately, the first thing I did when I got it back was to finish all my unfinished caps and projects so I should be able to keep posting from my portable harddrive since I now have about 30 finished captions. However, it does mean I have no way of making anything new until my laptop is back so I have to put any requests and trades I owe off until then. This includes my trades with hahaprincess, my requests on DeviantArt and the two stories I promised Kitty St. Clair (I finally found pictures :)) Sorry. Zoli X


  1. Ooh, I'm stoked you found pictures! I'm happy to wait, your caps are always worth it! I am sorry you are having so many computer issues, though. Hope they clear up quickly for you. Thanks!

  2. Darn computers. and they want pilotless planes and driverless cars !


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