Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Cloning Around

I don't usually make many willing captions but this one was a request. I hope you like it!


  1. Thanks! Great work! I think maybe I will request one or two other caption with celebrities.

  2. Could you make one or two other caption with Tom voluntary masking into a celebrity of the list I give you with one of the two scenario?

  3. sure, I can even make it into a series! Just let me space them out a bit ok?

  4. Greetings and salutations, Zoli!

    I cannot blame Tom one bit for wanting to abscond with his 'Catherine' bodysuit! She is, after all, an incredibly sensual & attractive celeb... albeit, one of delicious maturity and a -not-too-broad- following! One whose exploits are not constant media fodder! Would certainly be a delightful 'clone' to 'become'!

    While my particular take on capping might be a bit beyond your tastes, Zoli, I would want to sign up for you "Follow This Blog" gadget if you decided to activate it, seeing as I do not do a lot via G+, and there might be some readers who might visit your lovely site if they saw that you've posted.

    Anyhow; Peace,Love&Kisses!!!

    1. Elle-Jae, thank you for your nice message first of all. I must apologise about the 'follow this blog' gadget. Websites and networking aren't really my strong points and I didnt realise it wasn't working so I will look into it. More readers would always be nice. :) Now Im curious though, what is your take on capping? Mine is that I like to write something that can be story focussed, it doesn't necessarily reflect what I like in other people's caps.

      Zoli x

    2. No apology needed, Z! I'm not very social-media-savvy either, Hon. That's why I mentioned that gadget; Because I'm a tech-simpleton.

      As for readers, lurkers & views of material, my feeling is 'the more the merrier' and 'share & share alike' or "all likes"! Which brings me to the "take on capping" aspect, which, for me, is very sexually-oriented, often kinky, and usually x-rated in either concept or image or both. So, before I include someone in a caption I try and find out what their likes, dislikes and trigger-trippers are, so that, if or when the mood/muse strikes, I can compose a pleasing piece of TG/TF fun for all involved.

      So, Peace,Love&Kisses, for now! (Later that might become Piece,Lust&Kinkiness, if you're of such a mind, dear!)

    3. I'm pretty divided on x-rated caps. It's not that I'm not 'entertained' by them it's just I find most people who make them rely heavily on themes of magic which I dont really enjoy too much. I have made some more sexual caps but I have a backlog because I started making caps before my site was ready so I have a backlog of about 50 caps or so. For me, what I love about tg captions is the characters and the personal and mental humiliation they face rather than physical humiliation (not that that can't be fun). I had a look at your blog and while I've had too much ine right now to give the stories a proper read, I really love how stylised it is.




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