Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Network Mission Statement


  1. This is really cool Zoli. It serves as a great introduction/review of "The Network" in the form of an advertisement while still feeling like a caption due to the sexy implications. Speaking of which, whether or not you actually plan on introducing "Prison's Next Top Model" or "Pimp My Bride", both are awesome ideas that made the cap that much sexier. Finally, I also like "The Network" icon in the bottom left of the image - simple, yet noticeable, and I hope it becomes a staple in future Network caps! Great job!

  2. Thanks Elena, Prison's Next Top Model is finished and ready to go but I want to hold onto it for a while because I want to spread out my Network series because they tend to be longer. I still haven't decided how I want Pimp My Bride to play out and there's always 'The Apprentits' which is another show I want to make.


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