Friday, 17 June 2016

Whatever Happened to Jun? (an Aiko Flashback)

Can Aiko hold onto Jun from Piece of Cake after the Guru has started to take her sissies?


  1. Ha! In the contest between drugs and hypnotism, hypnotism definitely seems to be winning at the moment! Although presumably Jun snaps out of his trance occasionally, as when he bought his airline tickets. That's when Aiko needs to be around to get through to him! And this 'modelling agency' wouldn't happen to be run by Mr Bunnimacher, would it? Good-o, this gets more and more interesting. I look forward eagerly to further developments!

    1. Well, in my past Guru captions it's been more about behavioural modifications than being in a hypnotic trance so I guess buying the tickets could be part of it :)


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