Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Network Presents... Mutually Assured Distraction Part 3

...and so draws to a close Season 2.

Season 3 will be called 'Reality TV Part 1' and will be around in good time featuring the first part of Femnonymous's Survivor-esque version of the Apprentits as well as continuations of the stories of the rest of my characters and some standalone stuff too. I will need some characters from you for the new extreme Apprentits but I will ask for those closer to the start of the season when I will be doing some promo stuff.

However, I must apologise now. Please don't expect season 3 as quickly as the other two. I am currently writing my first novel (non-tg) and while I initially thought I could separate the create processes and do both, that hasn't been the case and as a result, I have had to put my captioning on hold for a while and in all honesty I really need some time for some fresh ideas to form. Rest assured, I will be back when I'm ready.

Lots of love, Zoli x


  1. Thanks for another great season. Take as long as you need, hope the book goes well!

  2. What is the novel you are/were writing called and what is it about? Just beeing curious :p


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