Thursday, 13 October 2016

Whatever Happened to Lance? (The Apprentits:Extreme)


Okay, so Season 3 is coming along slowly, mostly due to me concentrating on my novel writing, but I think I'm about ready to start work on the new Femnonymous hosted version of the Apprentits. The series will be six episodes with one character eliminated and bimbofied every week and so I need your character ideas for three men and three women. Last time I just did first come first served but I'm not doing that this time around. I will instead pick what I feel are the most interesting character ideas that I feel I can fit into the best possible story. I will however limit it to one character per person. Deadline in October 22nd.

Either comment here, pm me or email



  1. I would love to see a guy who has been deliberately trying to get bimbofied, but gets way more than he bargained for... ;3

  2. Good to have you back

  3. hey whappened to your divanart account its gone competely are u not writing TG caps any more then

  4. This is the same entry I made over on DA, in case you lost it. Though I did add a bit more to it here.

    Sam(antha) is a tomboy who even looks sort of like a guy, she doesn't understand why someone would want to dress up with skits/dresses, high heels, makeup and such, or why someone would want to get breast implants. She views people who do do these things like they are bimbos, even if they aren't, and prefers to associate with guys or other tomboys. She ended up joining the Network and is one of those who come up with the various ideas for the Network, as because she doesn't see why someone would willingly be feminine, she sees it as a great way to have fun by forcing others to be dressed up as such, which also helps give the Network good shows. She doesn't have any problems with Femnonymous, as to her they're doing basically the same thing that she is but to deserving people, though whether Femnonymous agrees with her is another matter entirely. Sam's the sort who is likely to (try to) fight back, though it's quite likely this will go badly for her. Though if she does get the chance to screw someone else over instead of her, she'll go for it.

  5. a boy called james is caught by his girlfriend reading tg captions and makes his tg captions become a reality

  6. This is NagashaNeshi over from DA, and I was wondering if you still have the character sheet for Cassandra?

    I'm sorry DA was being such a bitch about your stuff. I mean, there is a ton of stuff that deserved to go way more than your excellent csptions.


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